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Silver Persians

L'Dearheart Shaded Silver Persians

What is a Shaded Silver ?

Silver kittens are born with dark coats that can resemble a tabby pattern. It’s good to be aware that their coloring will change as they mature. Over time their coat will lighten. The final coloring of their fur will determine what their coloring is. Our “Silvers” are either shaded silvers or chinchilla silvers.

‚ÄčThe difference between a shaded silver and a chinchilla silver is that a chinchilla silver is predominately white when they are grown and will have very light silver tips, while a shaded silver has more shading on the tips on their fur. They have the dark eye liner around their eyes and a heart shaped nose nose with dark liner and black lips and paw pads. Chinchilla silvers have green eyes, sometimes with a bit of lighter green or aqua mixed in.

The shaded silvers have the same eye liner, but usually their nose color is not as pink and their fur will have darker tips. Their eye color will also be more of a green/hazel color.

There is not a color called “chinchilla silver shaded”. A kitten is either shaded silver or chinchilla silver.

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