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Welcome to Perfect Persians~  We have new babies!

We Breed Happy, Healthy, And Well Socialized Kittens


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Our biggest goal here at Perfect Persians is to ensure that all of our fur-babies are raised happy and healthy from the moment they enter this world. We ensure that they are getting the best quality food, fresh water fountains, clean litter boxes, lots of fur-baby friends, and new toys just about every single week. We spend quality time with each baby to make sure they always feel loved.


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Here at Perfect Persian, we do everything possible to ensure that our kittens are born into the healthiest environment. During the first 12 weeks that your kitten is here in the nursery, they will have a minimum of two vet visits, and will have two of their core boosters completed. They will also be de-wormed and have a health- check completed by a licensed veterinarian. Families will be responsible for their kittens ongoing wellness and vaccinations.


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One of our top priorities is making sure that each precious kitten is well socialized, and gets an appropriate amount of scheduled play time with us each day. We make sure they are used to being brushed and groomed daily, and we start bathing them at around 4 weeks of age. Each week they are introduced to new sounds and household items that may be noisy. My children gently play with all of the kittens and get them used to being held. They are very well loved and want to be the center of attention by the time they are ready for their new forever home.

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I have loved and adored Persian Cats since I was just a little girl! I can remember being 10 years old and seeing a Lilac Persian Kitten in my Cat Fanciers Association magazine! It was for sale, and I had to have her. I set up a lemonade stand and all of my funds went toward the purchase of my new Lilac Doll Face Persian. She was in another state and I even called and had her airline flight booked! I have always been intrigued by the pure bliss and true beauty that Persian Cats exudes. From their long flowing beautiful hair, to their sweet and social personalities. My love for the Persian grows each and every day. My Love and dedication to raising happy, healthy, and well-socialized Persian Kittens has been passed down to both of my loving children.


I am very passionate when it comes to breeding and caring for all of our Cats and Kittens. I don’t consider it a job, I feel that it is a luxury. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a nursery of happy fur babies whom are so excited to see you again and again! The moment you see them, they instantly want to be picked up and start their Oh-So-Adorable Purr! It is impossible to be unhappy when you are surround by little Persian fur babies. I am passionate about keeping every single cat or kitten in our home, extremely healthy. We make regular vet trips a priority. Cleanliness is also a top priority in and around the nursery. Our Persian Cats and kittens are fed top quality food, and have access to fresh water fountains all around the house. We feed them wet and dry.


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