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Silver Persians


The difference between a Chinchilla Silver and a Shaded Silver, is that a Chinchilla Silver is predominately white, with light silver at the tips of their beautiful coat.  Shaded Silver Persians have a lot of dark coloring or shading to give them color. 

Silver Persian Kittens have become the most well recognized among all the other Persian coat colors. They are often confused with white kittens, but the silvers have several distinct features that set them apart.
The  feature that I love most, is the black “eye liner” which outlines their beautiful eyes, and heart shaped  nose. White Persians DO NOT have this feature. The nose pad and paw pads are typically pink on white Persians, and black on the silver Persians.

While all kittens are born with baby blue eyes, silver Persian kittens will end up having either green, or blue-green(aqua) colored eyes.The green is an intense grass-green. The blue-green (aqua) coloring is considered to be the breed standard above the striking green colored eyes. Whether your silver Persian has green or blue-green (aqua) eyes, there is no doubt that the silver Persian is considered the “fairest of them all”.

At birth silver kittens are born a very dark grey, and lighten with age and look near white as adults. They are classified by their white undercoat and black tipping on the ends of their hair. This makes their fur appear to be “sparkling”.  For many, these majestic felines blossom with age, and are considered to reach their peak beauty potential at approximately 3-5 years of age. They get more and more beautiful with age.

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